"Teachers are professionals and, as such, engage in behaviors and strategies that are witting and deliberate, based on a rationale, and monitored for their intended effects on students."

John Withall, Circa 1972

Typically, teachers are referred to as classroom teachers, fourth grade teachers, high school teachers, mathematics teachers, college professors, or home school teachers. These conventional descriptions focus on where they teach, what level they teach, or what subject they teach.

In the 21st century, we envision an ever-changing learning improvement role for all teachers. The role of the 21st century teacher is to help all people to become self-contained learners -- to be their own teachers, able to ask themselves good, new questions and guide both online and face-to-face efforts in answering them. In this role, the 21st century teacher focuses on combining people, teaching, and technology to create new and better ways of learning.

LearningFront™ has identified the following preliminary characteristics to begin describing this emerging role in the field of learning improvement. What do you think about the role of the 21st century teacher?

We think the 21st century teacher:

Recognizes the potential of combining people, teaching, and technology to improve learning.

Uses email and social networking tools daily to communicate with personal and professional contacts, students, and parents.

Values technology as a way to communicate, solve problems, and create solutions.

Applies Web 2.0 tools to generate, co-create, remix, and share lessons, assessments, and results and to improve professionally.
Thinks it is cool to be associated with technology and advocates its use with friends and colleagues. Believes change occurs when learning, teaching, and professional development are integrated into technology and not vice versa.
Works on a personal computer and mobile device each day at home and at work, school, or college. Can demonstrate how technology supports improvements in teaching, student achievement, and professional development.
Is willing to invest time and money to keep hardware, software, and networking up-to-date at home. Has developed a habit of mind for using technology each day to save time while producing quality work.
What characteristics of the emerging 21st century teacher do you envision?

Please share your ideas for defining the 21st century teacher. Please send me an email message below or join the LearnFront global community and add your ideas to the WikiTask for 21st century teachers [WikiTask Search Title: 21st Century Teachers]. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Nick Hobar, President, LearningFront.