¶We suggest that you ask that company employees volunteer to help assist in this endeavor. In doing so, it will save the costs of hiring staff to perform auction duties before, during, and after the auction. An initial staff of employes will be needed to assist in the contacting of various companeis and organization for donation items for the auction.

Cordially yours, Jeanna Rodriguez, Director of Marketing

¶Enclosed you will find a copy of the proposal that we prepared for your company's Katrina fund raising effort. Once you have reviewed it, I wuld appreciate an opporutnity to arrange a meeting with you at your earliest conveneince. You may contact me by phone at 973-444-4444 or at my email address jrodriguezmarketingassociates@comcast.net.

Dear Mr. Robinson

Current Date

¶Marketing Associates was honored that you requested our services in preparing an auction proposal. We have worked diligently on a proposal that we feel will provide you organization with a magnificent Katrina fund raising event. We feel that an auction would provide you with the greatest oportunity to raise funs that will meet you target goal of $50,000. We have experienced a tremendous amount of sucess with previous auctions at various organizations. A list of these auctions can be provided upon request.

Mr. John Robinson, Director; The Katrina Fund; 1125 Broadway; Lexington, NY 23230

¶We are suggesting that you include new, or like-new, items and antiques for bid at the auction. Sample items can include art, computers, electronics, and furniture. Although, these items tend to be in demand by auction patrons, there are many other items that wil do well also.